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4x4 colour options at  Oxytech

4x4 colour options at Oxytech

In exciting news we stock powder coating options from Oxyplast and Oxycolour to suit some of the most popular LandCruiser colours, including 3Q3 Merlot, 058 White, the ever-popular 4E9 Sandy Taupe, and some variants of 1F7 Silver.

Other colours we’ve matched up include our Toyota 1G3 Metallic Grey and 040 White, Ford Ranger Cool and Arctic whites, Mitsubishi W32 white, Nissan QM1 and 326 whites, Amarok Candyweiss white.

For shades which aren’t an exact colour match, but are close to passable at a 1m distance, our Oxycolour Galaxy Grey Pearl is close to Ford’s hot new aluminium silver, while our Silver Brilliance is also similar to the 2022 Isuzu Dmax silver and several other bright silvers in the Toyota range.

We can also make powders to order but this requires a minimum order size of 100kg and can take several months to come in.



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