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The Oxytech difference

The Oxytech difference

One of Oxytech's key differences in the powder coating industry is we supply our stocked powders both in a box-lot, or on a per-kilo basis. Some of our powders are manufactured in 15kg boxes, while most are in 20kg lots.

For orders less than a full box lot we charge a re-pack fee to cover the time it takes to accurately measure out, package and ship smaller quantities. This is not applicable on full-box purchases. 

We can also import powder on a special order basis, though this incurs a significantly higher price. Minimum order quantities for special orders can differ depending on whether the powder is a stocked colour or finish from our supplier (minimum 20kg order), or if it needs to go through the colour-matching process (minimum 100kg order).

To accurately colour-match a powder, then have it produced and imported, can take several months as every effort is taken to accurately represent the colour and finish required for the job. We have supplied custom colours and finishes to many of our customers so feel free to reach out to us with your enquiry today: 

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