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Watch us fix some rare JDM wheels!

Watch us fix some rare JDM wheels!


Our mate Mark knows how to build wheels and his Barrel Brothers channel is full of rare, interesting wheels and information on how to build them to the exact specs you need so your car will look amazing. 

He recently reached out to see if we could help him with an issue he found on a set of rare Techno Phantom wheels he had built for his awesome Nissan Sunny Truck ute. Naturally we said yes, and so Mark brought his camera over!

Scotty was able to lightly sand back the clear coat on the wheels and then re-coat the lips in our Crystal Clear, to lock in the deep, lustrous shine from the polishing.

 Mark's video shows Scotty walking us through the whole process, so if you've ever wondered how to re-coat clear on a job, check it out at the link below!


You can watch the full episode HERE: BARREL BROTHERS YOUTUBE CHANNEL  

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