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Our webstore defaults to full boxes, but powder can be supplied on a per-kilo basis. Any orders outside a full box incur a re-pack fee. If ordering multiple boxes please order them in multiples of the default quantity.

A deep red epoxy-polyester hybrid with a water silk/moire finish.

This moire-finish powder coating is a highly decorative finish with a special "Water Silk" texture, based on epoxy and polyester resins. The outstanding decorative and protective properties are utilised in a wide range of indoor applications, including computer hardware, home and office furniture, audio and office equipment, partitioning, etc.

Not suitable for exterior use, or for prolonged exposure in high-UV environments.




Finish: Moire, Texture, Water Silk

Resin Type: Epoxy-Polyester Hybrid



Clear Coating Required: No

Out-Gassing Tolerant: Yes

Qualicoat Approved: No

UV Stability: Poor


RGB: 156, 72, 68

LRV: 11.6