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Hello and welcome to The Front Counter, the place to stay up to date with Oxytech's new products, technical information, and news (like our new website which you're navigating).

For over a decade Oxytech has been supplying powder coat materials and supplies Australia-wide, sourcing industry-leading powder coating products from across the globe to assist powder coaters and fabricators to deliver consistantly high-quality jobs. 

At the heart of Oxytech is a small, dedicated team based in Smithfield, NSW, led by my father Richie and backed up by Daniel Kelly, our warehouse manager. While we started off mainly focussing on supplying powder coating powders we have since branched out to include a wide range of coating supplies like hooks, plugs, high-temp masking tapes, stripping and surface-coating chemicals, high-temp gloves, and aerosol sprays. 

One of the most important additions to Oxytech's product line-up has been the addition of RAL colour standard products. As the sole Australian RAL distributor this puts us in a unique place to ensure perfect colour-matches for a wide range of professionals, including architects, engineers, designers, artists, and both wet-paint and powder coaters. You can see the full range of RAL products HERE on our RAL Colours Australia website. 

WIth over 15 years in the coating industry we pride ourselves on offering an industry-leading level of service and range of products, as well as technical help for our customers. We can even make custom colours and textured finishes to order, so feel free to drop us a line, or come see us at our factory to have a chat about how we can help you.




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